SKOPJE, November 𝟏𝟔, 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟐 – Within the framework of the November holiday activities, Mother Teresa University in Skopje, today, in the premises of the Albanian Theater for Children and Youth in the Old Bazaar, organized the book launch of the scientific book by lecturer Mustafa Ibrahimi, Ph.D., “Albanian Folklore and Ethno Culture in Pelagonia”.

The extensive book is a collection of data on the tradition, customs, songs, poetry, and culture of the Albanians in Prilep, Dolneni, Bitola, and Resen and contains data collected by the author with a passion for four decades. The book was described as an encyclopedia of Pelagonia, the only region where the Albanian culture has not yet been scientifically researched.

The Rector of Mother Teresa University in Skopje, lecturer Izet Zeqiri, Ph.D., stated that lecturer Mustafa Ibrahimi has done very difficult and valuable scientific work during those 40 years, surveying many residents in 47 settlements in Pelagonia, and added that MTU is proud to have such esteemed lecturers.

The two reviewers of the book, lecturer Zeqirja Neziri, Ph.D., and lecturer Izaim Murtezani, Ph.D., considered it very important to reveal the facts from the daily life of the Albanian inhabitants of Pelagonia, which bear witness to their centuries-old history in the areas and the organization of social life over the centuries.

The author of the book “Albanian Folklore and Ethno Culture in Pelagonia”, lecturer Mustafa Ibrahimi, Ph.D., stated that collecting data for almost 40 years is a very difficult and exceptional task because most of the surveyed are no longer with us, and the young do not have the data the elders had. He thanked the many guests, including Deputy Minister of Culture, Daim Luçi, theater director Diana Toska, education veterans, relatives, friends, and MTU colleagues.

The author of the book, lecturer Mustafa Ibrahimi, Ph.D., is a professor at MTU, former President of the Senate, and currently the Acting Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences.