Skopje, 27.03.2023 – Rector of “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje, Izet Zeqiri Ph.D., held a working meeting with the principal of the Technical High School “Gostivari”, Mr. Besir Saliu and vice-principal Mr. Ekrem Miftari.

Rector Zeqiri informed the high school principal, Mr. Besir Saliu, for the progress of MTU, in particular the development of technical courses, that today’s labor market has a high need for professionals in the relevant institutions.

Besir Saliu emphasized that there is a lack of professionals in technical fields such as: the engineers of Electrotechnics, Electronics and Electrocommunication Technician, Robotic Automation, Mechatronics, as well as the machinery part, such as: Machinery Technician and Motor Vehicle Technician.

The rector of MTU and the principal of the Technical High School “Gostivari”, Mr. Besir Saliu, in the end of this meeting signed a cooperation agreement between the two institutions with the aim of recruiting potential students for their profiling in the fields of study.