The dean of the Faculty of Informatics, Lecturer Stojan Kitanov, Ph.D., participated in the International CEEPUS Week at the Technical University – Sofia. There, the topic of discussion was “CEEPUS BG-1103-07-2223 Mobile Network – Computer Modeling, Simulation, and Design in Engineering and Management”.

There were participants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, and our country, North Macedonia, all members of the CEEPUS BG-1103-07-2223 mobile network.

Lecturer Kitanov gave an overview of the study and scientific research opportunities offered by Mother Teresa University in Skopje, with a special emphasis on the Faculty of Informatics. He also gave several lectures, which were particularly interesting for the present:

• “An Overview of Mobile Networks and the Need for Digitization”;

• “The Characteristics of 5G Mobile Networks”; and

• “6G Mobile Networks – Future Research Directions”.