Skopje, March 21, 2024 – Today, the Faculty of Humanities at Mother Teresa University in Skopje celebrated March 21, World Poetry Day, with a poetry competition.

20 young poets, high school students from the capital, were registered for the competition. The jury, composed of Merita Abazi, president, and the other members, MTU professors Lecturer Sunaj Raimi, Ph.D., and the dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Lecturer Mustafa Ibrahimi, Ph.D., chose 10 poems to participate in the competition.

At the competition, whose aim was to animate, promote, and stimulate young poets, the winners of the first three places were Alma Gjureci, who won first place with the poem “Përjetësi”; Agnesa Suli, awarded second place with the poem “Të urrej”; and Meral Useini, third place with the poem “Në hije të korridorit”, which, in addition to certificates of appreciation, were awarded with cash prizes of 5,000, 4,000, and 3,000 denars.

The organizer, the dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Lecturer Mustafa Ibrahimi, Ph.D., stated that every competing poem was original, as the young authors only competed with one poem.

Lecturer Sunaj Raimi, Ph.D., stated that poetry is an emotion expressed and characterized by a person’s character and expressed in verse.

PROFESSOR Merita Abazi stated that she is happy that 20 girls, young poets, applied for the competition.

In the decision-making process, the committee valued talent, originality, creative skill, appropriateness of the chosen medium in relation to the idea, and the general impression poetry can leave. That is why all those present were awarded certificates of appreciation.

Other students who participated were Albina Ramadani, Amra Idrizi, Anife Jakupi, Arbenita Kadriu, Ardita Emini, Dua Ajruli, Emsale Sinani, Ezana Demiri, Lina Zeqiri, Mirs Zeqiri, Senadije Kadriu, Toni Hatipi, and Tuana Daci.

The event’s guest was the poet Meyrem Tusha, who read some of her poems to the students.