Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology


Semester 1

Semester 2

General and Inorganic Chemistry I 

Mathematics I 

Physics I 

Technical drawing 

English I 

Macedonian language 

General and Inorganic Chemistry II 

Mathematics II 

Physics II 

Informatics applied to chemistry 

English II 

Elective subject 


Semester 3

Semester 4

General and Inorganic Chemistry II 

Mathematics II 

Physics II 

Informatics applied to chemistry 

English II 

Elective subject 

Instrumental analysis 

Analytical chemistry 

Energy and mass balance 


Environmental optimization of technological processes 

Elective subject 


Semester 5

Semester 6

Thermodynamics II 

Mass and heat transfer 

Economics and entrepreneurship 

Materials Science 

Elective subject 

Separation techniques 

Chemical Reaction Engineering I 

Introduction to Materials Engineering 

Corrosion and choice of materials in the chemical industry 

Elective subject 

Elective subject 


Semester 7

Semester 8

Chemical Reaction Engineering II 

Phase equilibria and phase transformations 

Technology of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products 

Elective subject 

Elective subject 

Chemical Engineering and Design I 

Chemical Engineering and Design II 

Environmental Chemistry and Technology 

Elective subject 

Elective subject 

Graduate thesis 

Elective Subjects

Macedonian language 

Sports and sports activities 1 

Albanian language 

Informatics and Internet technologies 

Globalization and intercultural communication 

Communication skills 

Occupational Safety Legislation 

Environmental Protection 

Communication with public administration 

Sports and sports activities 2 

Mathematical Modeling in Chemical Engineering 

Production of metals 

Selected processes in the chemical industry 

Paints and varnishes 


Protection at work 

Process water technology and wastewater treatment 

Fuels and combustion processes 

Catalysis and catalysts 


Introduction to Programming 

Alternative sources of energy, economy and ecology 

Biochemical Engineering 


Fundamentals of Food Engineering 

Glass production 

Designing chemical products and processes 

Materials of Construction in Chemical Engineering 

Polymer Chemistry and Technology 

Chemistry and Technology for Ceramics 

Basics of electricity 

Measurement and automatic regulation 

Environment and safety 

Chemical fibers for technical purposes 

Modeling and optimization of processes 

Methods for the determination of organic compounds 

Analysis and synthesis of processes 

Chemical control of technical materials 

Laboratory Safety and Protocol 

Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies 

Toxicological chemistry