Skopje, January 22, 2020

Today, at the Faculty of Technical Sciences at “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje, the candidate Onur Bekiri successfully defended the first master thesis at the Faculty at the “Economic Engineering and Management” master’s program, which also presents the first master thesis defense at “Mother Teresa” University.

The title of his master thesis is: “Analyses of Strategies Implemented on the Creation and Development of a New Product by Manufacturing Companies in North Macedonia”.

The successful creation and development of a new product is the cornerstone of the firm’s success. Nowadays, there is an overwhelming amount of new products and it is important to research the key strategy for the success of these products.

The main objective of the study is to research and, from the findings of the research, to conclude which strategies companies in North Macedonia apply in order to create and develop new products.

The members of the master’s thesis examination committee were the lecturers of the Faculty of Technical Sciences: Asst. Prof. Bukurije Imeri Jusufi – the committee’s chair; Asst. Prof. Neritan Turkeshi and Asoc. Prof. Agim Mamuti – the mentor.