07.05.2020- “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje started to realize distance learning (online teaching and learning) in all faculties since the pandemic started, thanking the professional staff, especially the young one with authentic skills in the field of informatics. Students showed great interest about this teaching method as well as enthusiasm for knowledge and skills. The University management since the start of this teaching process, implemented controlling mechanisms, initially with the engagement of the Student Parliament for each faculty separately, but also at the level of deans of the faculties.

In order to complete the process of more effective control, the MTU management, using the opportunities which information technology offers, has conducted online surveys with the aim students anonymous to express their opinions about the online teaching. The research results meticulously analyzed all stakeholders. Now are being analyzed all technological, pedagogical and legal opportunities to find the most adequate form of students` evaluation having in consideration the current situation as well as the integrity of the teaching process of studies.

The University Rector`s Council expresses satisfaction and gratitude for the dedication and student`s understanding and the academic and administrative staff of MTU for the achieved result despite this difficult period for all of us. In the same time, it was noticed the unavoidable need to advance pedagogical and technical methods in university processes and programs in the future as a necessity to prepare future generations to face future challenges.