Skopje, 30.11.2021 – “Mother Teresa” University hosted the promotion of the book “Body language” by Zendel Abedin Shehi, Ph.D., who is a President of the European Institute of Management, Law and Diplomacy. He gave a lecture on ‘The role of body language in everyday communication’ in front of the academic staff and students of the study program Media and intercultural communication. After the lecture, he promoted his book ‘Body language’.

During this event, the host, the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Sunaj Raimi Ph.D., claimed that this is a current topic and includes all sciences, also he expressed his gratitude to the author for giving such an interesting lecture.

Head of the Department for Media and Intercultural Communication, Agron Kurtishi Ph.D., stated that sharing these experiences with the students of MTU is very important because body language is something that we use everyday without consciousness, while this lecture makes us aware of what we do in our daily routine.

The author of the book, Zendel Abedin Shehi, Ph.D from Gostivar, returned to North Macedonia in 2016 after 15 years of working at various universities in Turkey and around the world. He has noticed prejudices among the people in our society, and he emphasized that communication among people is the main problem of the population in the Balkans, which problem is hard to be solved due to the prejudices that people from different nations have about each other. He said: ‘We, in the Balkans, have the ability to listen to the others speaking, but when we make an assessment of the person we are talking to, or the topic he/she is talking about, we do so by selecting only some parts of the conversation and like to create an opinion about that particular person. For example, we hear 10 things from him/her, while we select only two or three things, and we react to him/her based on these two or three things that we selected’.

Moreover, Professor Shehu added that we react in that way in the streets, in politics and everywhere and as a consequence of this arrogance and ignorance, over 500 thousand people left the country. He added that people consider body language as something simple, not significant, but in fact it reads and conveys the reading of spiritual to us.

‘We are afraid of our success, and we deal with our phobia – reasoning’ said the professor, concluding with the fact that most people change throughout their life, in the age of 20 people are democrats, up to the age 40 they are liberals, and conservatives from the age of 60.

After the lecture on “The role of body language in everyday communication” and book promotion, the author expressed his gratitude towards the Rector of the Mother Teresa University, Lecturer Aziz Pollozhani, Ph.D., and the organizers and supporters of this event.