Ohrid, June 2022 – Rector of the “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje, Acad. Izet Zeqiri, participated in the opening of the 7th session of the Ohrid School of Natural Law, who gave a presentation on the topic: “Maintaining a democratic society by strengthening its institutions”. In this session participated the US Ambassador to North Macedonia, Ms. Kate Marie Byrnes; Minister of Justice, Mr. Nikola Tupancheski; members of the Academy of Sciences and Arts, students and NGO representatives.

Rector Zeqiri during his presentation emphasized that the demographic potential in North Macedonia as a factor of economic development of the country, is one of the most important factors in socio-economic development. ‘Population is of great importance to the volume, structure and development not only of production, but also of the general socio-economic activity in a country, since a part of the population is the function of production, while the total population is the function of consumption’ added Zeqiri.

Rector Zeqiri said that the current negative demographic trends that the country is facing are manifested negatively in the natural increase of the population, decline in birth rate, the intensification of the demographic aging process, therefore these factors have impacted on the increase of the participation of the elderly in the total population as well as increasing emigration.