Skopje, September 1, 2022 – At the beginning of the new 2022/2023 academic year, Mother Teresa University in Skopje successfully provided training intended for the academic and administrative staff on the subject of Efficient and Effective Operating of the University: Quality Assurance”.

The purpose of the training was to inform the staff about the development strategy, the action plan, and the systemization of the new students, who, in the first enrollment period, were in the highest numbers.

The rector of MTU, lecturer Izet Zeqiri, Ph.D., in his presentation, emphasized that Mother Teresa University in Skopje is to be developed according to the environment, where located because based on its location in the mere center of the capital, and offering areas of study deficient in the labor market, and with three new faculties and a curriculum in three languages – Albanian, Macedonian and English, should be a serious competitor for every state and private university in the country. Zeqiri stated that the Government should provide more financial support to universities, because the budget allocated for higher education decreases every year, and, as a result, our educational system is ranked among the countries with the lowest budget support for higher education in Europe.

In his presentation, Vice-Rector for Education, lecturer Fati Iseni, Ph.D., spoke of the importance of introducing innovations in the study programs, about the academic issues of the university, and the commitment of the academic staff to the education of the new generations.

The Vice-Rector for Science, lecturer Bekim Fetaji, Ph.D., stated that one of the criteria for ranking universities on the Shanghai List is the publication of scientific papers and scientific achievements.

The Vice-Rector for International Relations, lecturer Rizvan Sulejmani, Ph.D., noted that, up to now, the current number of agreements for inter-institutional cooperation with regional and international universities is around 50, and most of the partnerships are within the framework of the Erasmus program, with universities from Albania, Kosovo, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Latvia, and Portugal.

The Vice-Rector for Finance and Strategic Investments, ass. prof. Bujamin Bela, Ph.D., lectured on the budget and investment planning for the current academic year; he also presented the plans of the university and the duration of their implementation.

In the training, the current state of the university, the plans implemented and the goals for the future in terms of quality, increasing the offer by increasing the number of the academic and administrative staff, as well as the programs were presented to the attendees, all employees of MTU