Skopje March 15, 2023 – On this day, the Media and Intercultural Communication study program of the Faculty of Social Sciences

celebrated public speaking international day with a student competition led by Lecturer Agron Kurtishi, Ph.D.

In the competition, in which students from different student programs participated, several categories were evaluated, such as showing interest during the presentation, confidence in the presented, good preparation, presentation techniques, voice volume, clear expression, eye contact, facial expressions, body expression, gestures, fluency, pronunciation, speed, rhythm, pauses and intonation.

The evaluation jury led by Lecturer Mustafa Ibrahimi, Ph.D. and its members, Lecturer Agron Kurtishi, Ph.D. and prof. Agron Vrangalla, M.A., analyzed how students use language, their complete sentences, language errors during their presentation

s, the use of words of foreign origin, use of dialectical words, while assessing interesting things, main parts, details and clarifications, the end and the conclusion.

After evaluating the candidates, the jury awarded first place to the fourth-year student of the Media and Intercultural Communication study program, Jaha Abazi, and second place to the third-year student of the Public Administration and Human Resources Management study program, Edibe Asani.

The first and second-place winners were awarded recognitions and plaques with the image of Mother Teresa. Vice rectors Rizvan Suleimani and Bujamin Bela were greeted at the event.