May, 2023 – Members of the academic and administrative staff presented the MTU study programs to the high school graduates in Preshevo and Bujanovac.

The members of the promotional team were: Fati Iseni Ph.D.; Bujamin Bela Ph.D.; Neritan Turkeshi Ph.D.; Rilind Ademi Ph.D.; and Arbnor Rushiti. They informed the high school graduates about the study conditions of MTU and the new campus, opportunities for mobility, also the scholarships offered on a merit basis.

The promotional team of MTU were welcomed by the principal of the high school “Presheva”, Mr. Talat Arifi, as well as by the principal of the high school “Sezai Surroi” in Bujanoc, Mr. Admir Nazifi.

The professors informed the graduates about the advantages of studying at the first public university in the Albanian language in the capital of the Republic of North Macedonia, such as the location, professional staff, the possibility of development through grants and scholarships, access to laboratories, companies and access to the National University Library, to many museums and performing art centers.

MTU thanked the management staff of the high school “Presheva” and “Sezai Surroi” for organizing the students and the generous hospitality offered to our university.