Korçë, February 28, 2024 – Faculty of Social Sciences students in Sport and Sports Sciences study program at Mother Teresa University in Skopje won three medals at the International University Sports Tournament that took place in the city of Korçë in the past three days. The Tournament was organized by the Albanian Federation of University Sports.

MTU teams placed third in men’s indoor soccer, second in women’s volleyball, and third in men’s basketball.

Students from Fan Noli University in Korçë, Hasan Prishtina University in Pristina, Mother Teresa University in Skopje, Academy of the Armed Forces in Tirana, Aleksandër Xhuvani University in Elbasan, Ukshin Hoti University in Prizren, and University College of Business in Tirana took part at the International University Sports Tournament in Korçë from 26. to 28. February 2024.