Bitola, April 2024 – In the absence of a high school where teaching takes place in the Albanian language in Bitola, MTU study programs were promoted in the Museum of the Albanian Alphabet in Bitola, as well as partially in the primary school in the village of Medžitlija in Bitola. In addition to the graduates and their parents and teachers, their fellow citizens also came to the gatherings. Lecturer Mustafa Ibrahimi, Ph.D., informed the attendees in detail about all study programs and the enrollment conditions to the eight faculties of MTU.

Knowing their concerns and issues, Lecturer Mustafa Ibrahimi, Ph.D., pointed out that studies in Skopje, specifically at MTU, can in a way help to stop migration, a phenomenon constantly present, but which has recently gained momentum in our country. MTU offers excellent study programs that can help recent graduates quickly find employment in many professions. “The studies at our University provide conditions for academic and intellectual growth of the students who come to study in Skopje”, emphasized Lecturer Mustafa Ibrahimi, Ph.D. at the end.

The attendees recieved flyers with more detailed information on MTU’s faculties and study programs. They asked several questions related to conditions and enrollment, as well as the studies and further employment.