Faculty of Informatics – Study programs

Academic Staff

Undergraduate (Bachelor) Studies

  1. Informatics (both in English and Albanian)
  2. Informatics for teaching
  3. Applied Programming (3 year studies)
  4. Computer Science and Engineering

Master Studies

  1. Informatics
  2. Informatics for teaching
  3. Applied Software Engineering

Secretary of Faculty of Informatics
Rrahim Jashari

The Faculty of Informatics presents a dynamic, challenging and competitive discipline that creates the necessary cadres for the digital era. Integrated study programs, lab studies with high-quality infrastructure, the ability to perform practical work in the most popular companies and organizations of the country, as well as numerous university activities will contribute to graduating from the Faculty of Informatics ready to successfully complete the career path in various fields of industry and academia.

The Faculty of Informatics at the University Mother Theresa was founded by people who had a vision. This vision was how computing will fit into the unique spirit of the University, an institution oriented to a degree on informatics education with close links to the information technology industry and close inter-institutional cooperation. The Department has always had close ties to mathematics and engineering, but has increasingly experienced collaborations with other disciplines relevant to the University, including sociology, teaching methodologies, philosophy, economics, statistics and mathematics in general, physics and others. These collaborations enhance the importance of Informatics in a broader sense.The Informatics program will help develop a strong foundation in math and computing required by the industry and needed to enter this high-demanding ever-evolving field. Students feel the ability to solve problems, raise their ability to think in abstract and develop design skills to solve various problems that require creativity and innovation.

The faculty and students of the Faculty of Informatics are active in research and publishing, seeking to advance the study of informatics. The faculty research fields are diverse and often expand into many aspects but generally include: programming learning environments, e-learning, m-learning, data analytics and decision-making sciences; data mining, representation and visualization; design studies; mobile programming, human-centered informatics; organizations and sources of information; retrieval of information; security of information, ethics; Knowledge Management; scientific, socio-technical studies; and computer engineering.

The research in informatics at Mother Teresa University is focusing on new paradigms that advance information technology, and enable new ways of thinking and transform society. Our strength lies in our ability to conduct innovative and collaborative research aimed at solving major and complex interdisciplinary problems. Our research program involves an expertise in key areas, including theoretical computing (computer science and computer systems), new application-oriented interdisciplinary centers and institutions that gather colleagues from other faculties and deal with the university’s strengths in areas such as e-learning, language, social networks and new challenges on health safety.