“Mother Teresa” University in Skopje in cooperation with “St. Clement of Ohrid” University in Bitola and University of Sassari in Italy, organize the International Scientific Conference on 10 June 2021:


The COVID-19 pandemic will seem to be under control after the vaccine is available for the most vulnerable groups, thus it might appear as if we are about to get back to our normal life. However, even though the governments’ responses to the virus may be slowly withdrawn, their impact from geopolitics to healthcare to technology will live on. This infers that we cannot return to the world as it was before and we should expect a “post-COVID world” and a” New Normality”. Hence, it is of critical importance to deliberate the “new normal”, the outlook and prospects of post-COVID world.

This conference welcomes research papers on topics related to migration with particular emphasis on the Post- COVID-19 pandemic implications, such as, but not limited to:

– Migration and development: cultural, political, economic and social impacts

– Protection of human rights, safety, healthcare and wellbeing of migrants

– Security and migration in post pandemic

– Emergence of new global communication

– Economic challenges and opportunities in the New Normal

– Education and e-learning as the ultimate trend

– Psychosocial impacts of virtual networks

– Impact of informatics and cybernetics on societies and cultures

– New horizon for digital design

– The future architectural trends and spatial planning

– Re-dimensioning space in the ‘New Normal’

22 May 2021: Abstract submission deadline. Agenda of the conference will be published in due time at: http://migration.unt.edu.mk