Skopje, 14 April 2021- “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje has published the new volume and two issues of the International Scientific Journal “South East European Journal of Sustainable Development” (SEEJSD).

The Scientific Journal SEEJSD has been published for the fifth consecutive year by MTU, and the editors of this journal are: Robert Pichler from Austria, Iraj Hashi from Britain, Rizvan Sulejmani from North Macedonia, Mimoza Dushi from Kosovo and Bekim Fetaji from North Macedonia. Its editor-in-chief is Lecturer Aziz Pollozhani, Ph.D.

Scientific papers have been submitted by 28 professors from: India, England, Spain, Turkey, Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, France, the Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina and our country.

Over the past five years MTU managed to publish a total of 10 issues of the Scientific Journal, that is to say, two issues have been published per year.

The South East European Journal of Sustainable Development (SEEJSD) is a biannual journal which is published twice a year by “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje. The countries of the region are undergoing a transitional process and their respective societies are trying to find sustainable solutions for social development, whether it is about economic development, education, environment, social issues or technical and technological progress. Therefore, SEEJSD aims to bring researches on sustainable development with a focus on Southeast Europe. Researches conducted in other regions are acceptable as well because this may reflect on the learning methods and exchange of experience with other countries with similar experiences and challenges as SEE countries.