03.05.2020- “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje marks World Press Freedom Day, which is celebrated every year to remind people that freedom of expression is a fundamental human right and that freedom of expression remains an important pillar of democracy as an essential element of a sustainable future.

Protecting freedom of expression and media freedom in times of a pandemic is of vital importance. In almost all European countries, people lived in lockdown for almost two months. A situation which affected deeply our society, economy, families and our everyday lives.

The Press Freedom is seen as a window to expose human rights abuses, it presents freedom of expression. Within this freedom, the media and journalists have their responsibilities. This day serves to remind, support, encourage and reflect the work of individuals who during the communist dictatorship gave great contribution with their records and works, which were banned by the regime of that time. All this was done to protect freedom expression for which some have paid with their lives.

In memory of the journalists who gave their lives to inform, UNESCO persistently on this day asks a minute of silence in their memory. The responsibility of journalists, media or publisher is to tell only the truth with the aim to strengthen the freedom in their countries as well as all over the world.