Skopje, 11.11.2021 – The Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at “Mother Teresa” University, Sunaj Raimi Ph. D., promoted his latest book, the 17th in a row, “Music Culture in Ancient Greece”.

This book was promoted at the Institute of Cultural and Spiritual Heritage of the Albanians in Skopje. The book is a culmination of a 20 years research of ancient Greek music. In addition to that, the author has studied about 100 literary works written by Balkan and European authors and has managed to present the music and instruments that belong to our ancestors – the Illyrians, who had a special and quite dominant role in the creation of music in ancient Greece.

The author of the book, Sunaj Raimi Ph. D., noted that the idea for this study came from professor Gani Bobi, who motivated him to do a study in this field. Professor Sunaj Raimi claimed that his book is a contribution of a 20 years study and he expects young scientists to continue this research in the future.

Book reviewer, Avni Avdiu Ph. D., claimed that this book is a scientific work which in a concise and argumentative way aims to present to the Albanian reader the ancient cultural and musical heritage from antiquity to present day, where our Illyrian ancestors had a special and very dominant role.

The Director of the Institute of Cultural and Spiritual Heritage of the Albanians in Skopje, Skender Asani Ph. D., noted that this Institution will always be available to creators, especially studies related to music in antiquity, which is a less studied branch.

Chairperson of the Publishing Council of the Institute, Sevdail Demiri Ph. D., claimed that the book “Music Culture in Ancient Greece” fills the gaps that exists in this field and encouraged other scientists to contribute on the study of this period.