In the premises of MTU at the Faculty of Technological Sciences, the candidate Jelena Momcilloviq who studies Food Technology has successfully defended her master’s thesis entitled: “EXTERNAL ADHESIVE SENSOR FOR REAL-TIME MONITORING OF QUALITY PARAMETERS AND TRANSPORTATION OF FRESH MEAT”.

The Chair of the committee was Lecturer Ollga Popovska Ph.D., Sani Demiri Ph.D. was member of the committee and Vladimir Kitanovski was the principal supervisor. The thesis committee evaluated this research as an innovative method for creating an adhesive sensor that will react precisely to confirm the freshness of the boneless chicken meat product. The loss of freshness and quality of the meat product during the storage period increase the possibility of lipid oxidation. By means of the adhesive sensor (pH lenses) we can distinguish the spoilage of the product through the color change. The obtained results were in agreement with the analytical methods.

MTU wishes to the new graduate, Mr. Jelena Momcilloviq, a good health and a successful career in the future.