Skopje, December 2022 – Students of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Mother Teresa University in Skopje made a study visit to Europe House Skopje.

The students under the mentorship of Lecturer Deniz Memedi, Ph.D., had the opportunity to get to know the services offered by the EU Mission and to attend Glass Room – Misinformation and manipulation on the Internet multimedia exhibition exhibited on the premises of the European House.

The exhibition is supported and prepared by Tactical Tech international non-governmental organization based in Berlin and, in North Macedonia, the event is organized by the delegation of the European Union and the Macedonian Institute for Media. The exhibition is but an educational installation consisting of a series of posters, interactive applications, and animations that allow visitors to learn more about misinformation and the role of Internet users and its spread, as well as about business models, design tactics, and user habits that provide a favorable environment for their transmission.

MTU students had the opportunity to discuss with the host of the exhibition, Mr. Alexandar Melamed, at the same time responsible for the political issues and communications within the EU delegation in Skopje, as well as with Lecturer Deniz Memedi, Ph.D., lecturer at Mother Teresa University in Skopje, and the employees of the Macedonian Institute for Media.