MTU deepens cooperation with the business community

Skopje, 03.05.2023 – Rector of MTU, Izet Zeqiri Ph.D., invited the owner of the well-known company Alma-M from Skopje, Muarem Murtezani, who gladly accepted the invitation to give a motivation lecture to economics students.

Murtezani told the students that every success starts with a dream, which must be realized with hard work and desire for success. He said that the company Alma M was founded in 1991, as a small family business, which with intensive work and discipline has been transformed into an activity of distribution of goods for wide consumption.

Today, Alma-M has hundreds of employees, multiple ultra-modern warehouses of over 5000 square meters and administrative offices of over 2000 square meters. It has been awarded several times as the company of the year the by the Chamber of Commerce, while it is constantly on the top list of successful companies in the country.

Rector of MTU, Izet Zeqiri Ph.D., said that MTU cooperates with its partners throughout the academic year, and creates study programs according to the needs and demands of the labor market.

Zeqiri said that MTU has created the Council of Friends, which includes many successful companies in the country, and mediates in establishing contacts between employers and potential employees, especially during the Career Days.

The students asked numerous questions related to the ways in which a private business is established and developed in the country, the problems faced by businessmen and how to get funding for a start-up business. In addition to the answers, Muaremi offered the students to send their CV to the recruitment offices of his company.