Skopje, 04.05.2023 – “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Skopje Innovation Center, which aims to support bilateral cooperation in the sector of developing the spirit of innovation in the field of Information Technology.

MTU and SIC will cooperate in areas of common interest, as well as in oriented topics such as: the training of students of the Faculty of Informatics, cooperation with MTU in the creation of ICT professional profiles; the creation of the Business Incubator in the field of Information Technology at MTU; joint application (SIC/MTU) in public and private projects for students and academic staff; participation in local and international conferences; the use of MTU premises from the professional school SIC that offers public training for young people and businesses in the country as well as to negotiate other important issues of mutual interest.

Within the first year of signing this memorandum, SIC will begin the procedures for the preparation of the process for the creation of the Professional IT school within the Center for Entrepreneurship, Education and Technology Transfer at MTU.

Since its establishment, MTU has signed 44 agreements with universities from Europe, as well as 60 agreements with various educational institutions in the country and region. MTU aims to support various centers that aim at their professional development, such as the Innovation Center in Skopje.