Struga, May 2023 – The lecturers of Mother Teresa University in Skopje continued the MTU presentation activities in Niko Nestor secondary school and Ibrahim Temo secondary school in Struga.

The team of lecturers Aziz Pollozhani, Ph.D.; Fisnik Doko, M.Sc.; Edona Vinca, Ph.D.; Valmir Dalipi, M.A.; Blerta Kondri, Ph.D.; Hava Rexep, Ph.D.; and Alma Mustafai, M.A., led by the coordinator Urime Demiri Shaipi, Ph.D., informed the graduates of the two schools about the functioning of MTU, the learning conditions, and study programs that are in short supply, offer immediate employment, and are part of the highest paid activities.

The faculties at Mother Teresa University in Skopje were presented to the Struga graduates: the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, the Faculty of Technical Sciences, the Faculty of Informatics, the Faculty of Technological Sciences, the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Humanities that operate according to the highest international standards and bring quality and students ready to face the market economy and social globalization.

The lecturers informed the graduates about the advantages of studying at the first Albanian-language state university in the capital, such as its location, professional staff, the possibility of development through grants and scholarships, access to laboratories, companies and the National University Library, as well as access to many museums and art centers.

MTU thanks the principals of the secondary schools of the city of Struga, the principal of Ibrahim Temo secondary school, Mrs. Besime Jonuzi, with the person in charge, Mr. Kushtrim Musa, as well as the head of Niko Nestor school, Mrs. Ëngjëllusha Beqiri, for their hospitality, organization, and welcoming Mother Teresa University in Skopje.