Kumanovo and Lipkovo, May 2023 – Mother Teresa University in Skopje presented its academic offer in the secondary schools in the municipalities of Kumanovo and Likovo.

MTU team consisting of Assoc. Prof. Avni Avdiu, Ph.D.; Assoc. Prof. Rilind Ademi, Ph.D.; Ass. Nora Limani, M.A.; Ass. Almir Rushiti, Ph.D.; Ass. Valon Ramadani, Ph.D.; administration officer Arbnor Rushiti and Samir Ismaili, led by the coordinator Lecturer Sunay Raimi Ph.D., informed the graduates of the four schools about MTU system and study conditions, as well as the study programs of its eight faculties.

The presentation of MTU to the potential students was welcomed by the principals of the schools in Kumanovo, Mr. Nagri Rexhepi, principal of Sami Frashëri High School; Mrs. Lutfije Veseli, principal of Pero Nakov High School of Economics; Mrs. Adelina Beluli, principal of Nace Bugjoni Technical and Medical High School; and Mr. Isni Aliji, principal of Ismet Jashari High School.

The professors also informed the graduates about the advantages of studying at the first state university in the Albanian language in the capital, such as its location, the academic staff, the possibility of development through grants and scholarships, access to laboratories, companies, and the National University Library, as well as access to many museums and art centers.

MTU thanks the management of the secondary schools in Kumanovo and Lipkovo for their hospitality and welcoming organization of Mother Teresa University in Skopje presentation day.