Skopje, October 2, 2023 – Today, with a solemn ceremony, Mother Teresa University in Skopje welcomed 840 new students, who joined the current and past 3700 students at the 8 faculties of MTU and 30+ study programs.

The rector of MTU, Lecturer Izet Zeqiri, Ph.d., welcomed all new students and wished them a successful academic year, stressing out that “our university offers quality studies, study programs with international comparability, and diplomas recognized abroad, where the students can continue their further studies or do some work according to their qualification and professional training”.

The Minister of Education and Science, Mr. Jeton Shaqiri, also welcomed the new students, wishing them health, happiness, and achievment of further success and their goals and ideas. Minister Shaqiri emphasized that the teaching staff, not only at Mother Teresa University but also at all universities in the country, are at a high level, and with the knowledge they possess and share with the students create a generation we all are to be proud of and which is to be able to face the challenges of the future, slowly assuming the roles of adults in the society.

The president of the MTU senate, Lecturer Susana Jordanovska, Ph.D., wished the new and current students commitment in the development of their academic life and also wished that their academic future will continue to belong to Mother Teresa University in Skopje, an academic staff composed of advanced professionals.

The MTU vice chancellor for education, Aaaociate Professor Fati Iseni, Ph.D., in his welcome speech, stated that, among other things, “prejudices and stereotypes at the cultural level held the region hostage, so we have to fight them with the power of wisdom created here. I want you, dear students, as well as the employees of MTU, to feel the warmth of the University and to come with a lot of will to learn.’, stated vice-rector Iseni.

At the beginning of the new academic year 2023/2024, MTU wishes all current and new students mutual success and reminds them that all academic and administrative staff will be at their professional service.