Civil Engineering / Structural

Faculty: Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Study Program: Civil Engineering / Structural
Cycle: Bachelor
ECTS credits: 180


The civil engineers analyze, design, construct and maintain all kinds of engineering structures that shape our world, like buildings, civil engineering structures, roads, railway networks, hydrotechnical and hydroelectrical structures, tunnels, bridges etc.

In the first year of bachelor, studies are focused on the basic prerequisite courses like math, physics, computer science and technical oriented foreign languages. In the second and the third year of bachelor, the focus of studies is shifted toward courses specific to civil engineering, like soil and fluid mechanics, structures (concrete, metal, timber), and hydraulics. Lastly, in the sixth semester of bachelor studies, students are required to elaborate their first study-case project, which aims to evaluate the synthetized and acquired knowledge of students during the bachelor studies.

The bachelor degree in Civil Engineering is an academic acknowledgment (and not a professional one). This diploma, which also comes with a supplementary document, opens a way to the Graduated Bachelor to continue their education in MTU-FCEA, in another academic institution in Macedonia or abroad, in order to obtain an engineering title.

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