Kicevo, May 2021- The Faculty of Technical Sciences at “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje, conducted an online presentation for the graduates of high school “Drita” in Kicevo.

During the presentation, the professors: Doc. Dr. Bukurie Imeri-Jusufi, Doc.Dr. Urime Demiri Shaipi and Doc. Dr. Teuta Jusufi-Zenku, introduced the University’s mission, vision and advantages of studying at MTU, while informing the graduates about all faculties, study programs currently active and those that are in the process of accreditation.

MTU professors also clarified the employment opportunities after graduation from “Mother Teresa” University. Furthermore, the study programs offered in this University are most in demand professions therefore the students will have better job opportunities.

The graduates of the high school “Drita” in Kicevo, were interested about MTU faculties, staff and ways of accommodation while studying at the only public university in Albanian language in Skopje.