Estonia, June 2022 – A group of professors from the “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje, participated in the workshop organized by ‘VTech’ project at “Tartu” University in Estonia, a project funded by the European Union and supported by the Erasmus + program.

In this workshop the MTU was represented by lecturers; Pro-Rector for Science and Research, Lecturer Bekim Fetaji Ph.D.; Pro-Rector for Education and Student Affairs, Assoc. Prof. Fati Iseni; and Asst. Prof. Diturije Ismaili.

The workshop lasted three days and it included staff training in virtual technologies. Mother Teresa University in Skopje is a partner in this project with 10 other partners, such as: European University of Tirana (EUT), Polis University (Polis-U), Epoka University (EPOKA), University of Prishtina (UP), University of Business and Technology (UBT), Mother Teresa University in Skopje (MTU), South East European University (SEEU), Lodz University of Technology (LUT), University of Ljubljana (UL), Tartu University (TU).