Skopje , 26 August 2022 – The rector of the “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje held a working meeting with the president of the World Youth Alliance, Paula Andrea Lopez.

The Rector thanked the guests for the visit and the opportunities that the World Youth Alliance offers to young people, emphasizing the need to support young people in the country. Rector Zeqiri said that “more than 420,000 young people live in RNM and the number of unemployed young people is very high, therefore the conditions and opportunities for action in this direction are very high.”

President Paula presents the World Youth Alliance as an organization founded by the United Nations with headquarters in New York, present in 6 regions around the world that offers opportunities for young people in several fields, especially in Advocacy, Education and Culture.

Rector Zeqiri expressed MTU support for the establishment of this organization in RNM as it represents a good opportunity for our students and young people in the country. In the future, a cooperation agreement is expected.