Within the three-day training for the university employees

Skopje, Sep 2, 2022 – Within the three-day training for university employees, organized by the management of MTU, and shortly before the new 2022/2023 academic year, today, the team of architects that designed the plan for the Mother Teresa University Campus in Skopje presented the project to the employees.

The campus plan was presented in detail, and the techniques used to realize such a category A project were elaborated.

The campus plan underwent minimal changes to accommodate the new 50,000 square meter location at Ilinden Military Barracks. Previously, the project was planned on a land ground of 20,000 square meters, allocated by the Government in 2015.

Unlike the first land ground, MTU now has 50,000 square meters of land and 6 existing buildings with over 6,000 square meters of usable area.

The employees expressed great interest in our new project on the university campus.