During a working visit to MTU, representatives of the Academy of Sciences of Albania promoted three books written by Albanian academicians.

Skopje, 22.09.2022 – During an official meeting to ‘Mother Teresa’ University in Skopje, representatives of the Academy of Sciences of Albania promoted three books of the Albanian academicians Anastas Angjeli and Adrian Civici.

Rector Zeqiri, during the book promotion, highly praised the books: ‘Confronting crisis’, ‘Economic crisis’ and ‘Towards a new crisis’, written by Academicians Anastas Angjeli and Adrian Civici, adding that the prediction made by the two authors in 2020, when the Covid19-pandemic was first reported, about the increase of food, gas and energy prices was correct.

‘The professors have followed and analyzed the crisis step by step, and have written three important books on crisis and how to deal with them. The human and institutional challenges that must be overcome to manage crisis and successfully emerge from them to continue successfully on the path to development. The pandemic, among other things, as cause of global crisis, makes this publication even more valuable because we experienced the same situations as all other countries’, said Rector Zeqiri who moderated the promotion.

First Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Artan Grubi, congratulated the authors for the excellent work accomplished in these books, which he assessed as a valuable summary of professional recommendations towards the goal of the economic recovery of our countries.

The Minister of Education and Science, Mr. Jeton Shaqiri, said that the books are quite special and specific, which are dedicated to a problem of concern not only for the economy of Albania, North Macedonia, the countries of the Western Balkans, but also for the global economy.

On behalf of the Municipality of Çairi, the Head of Education Mrs. Luljeta Qerimi said that the municipality is proud that these works of considerable scientific value were promoted here.

At the book promotion participated the Ambassador of the Republic of Albania in Skopje, HE Fatos Reka; the President of the Academy of Sciences of Albania, Academician Skënder Gjinushi; the Mayor of the Municipality of Struga, Mr. Ramiz Merko.

The authors of the books ‘Confronting crisis’, ‘Economic crisis’ and ‘Towards a new crisis’,written by Academicians Anastas Angjeli and Adrian Civici, thanked the Rector of the “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje, Lecturer Izet Zeqirin, Ph.D., for the official invitation, also the central and local level institutions for institutional support.