Today Lecturer Sunaj Raimi, Ph.D., promoted his book ‘Message in a Bottle’ at ‘Mother Teresa’ University in Skopje, in the presence of the Rector Izet Zeqiri, Faculty Deans, professors and those who admire literature.

Rector Zeqiri said that the book ‘Message in a Bottle’ presents the thoughts and ideas in different genres such as: poetry, stories and prose. In addition to that, the author has done colossal job by publishing 17 books so far.

Book reviewer Avni Avdiu said that this book is distinguished by its title and content, using the metaphor of carrying the letter in a bottle, in which the depth of the ocean represents the dimensions of love, and the visibility of the glass shows its transparency.

Reviewer Sevdail Demiri said that usually messages in bottles were released in the depths of the oceans to store secret love messages or to convey them to the loved one who was waiting for the letter to arrive at great oceanic distances.

Promotion moderator Enver Abdullai Ph.D., praised the book as special work, and which proves a summary of a 30 years tireless effort of the author. Acting Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences Mustafa Ibrahimi said that he is proud that most of the books published at MTU are written by lecturers of this faculty. He also added that all national holidays in November will be marked by book promotions.

Sunaj Raimi Ph.D., claimed that during his career, as a lecturer and as an artist, he was faced with a phenomenon of not accepting the multidimensionalism of action, while as a polyvalent person, a professor with over 30 years of experience, a singer with 34 compositions and a poet with 17 published works, accepts this polyvalence as a gift from God.

The author Sunaj Raimi in this book offers a genre innovation, including a selected number of poems appreciated everywhere, philosophical-sociological approaches, meditations regarding social living, anecdotes written in the pragmatist spirit as well as some very interesting short stories. The book “Message in a Bottle” by Sunaj Raimit Ph.D., is the 17th book published in his 30-year career.