Skopje, December 2022 – Students of the Faculty of Technical Sciences who study Customs, freight-forwarding and insurance at the “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje, had the opportunity to attend an educational lecture by the Director of the Department for accounting and procurement, at the Health Insurance Fund in the Republic of North Macedonia, Mr. Arben Salihi.

The students were informed in detail about the law on compulsory health insurance, the exercise of rights from health insurance, procedures for treatment abroad as well as the work and role of the RNM Health Fund.

During the presentation, the students asked questions about health and legal issues, also there was a discussion regarding the topic between Mr. Arben Salihi and the lecturer at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, Valon Ramadani.

The representatives of the student assembly at MTU were also present in this presentation. We are grateful for the cooperation and support that the Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of North Macedonia and Mr. Arben Salihi provide for students of MTU.