Mother Teresa University in Skopje Media and Intercultural Communication study program students visited the two largest national television stations, Alsat-M and TV21.

The activity was initiated by the head of the study program Lecturer Agron Kurtishi, Ph.D. and lecturers Avni Avdiu, Arta Xhelili, and Agron Vrangalla.

The visit took place on the eve of World Press Freedom Day, during which the students had the opportunity to learn about the practice and daily work of television in our country.

At Television Alsat-M, the students were welcomed by the editor-in-chief, Mr. Admir Qose, who provided them with a detailed description of their daily work, as well as the challenges faced by the media and journalism today.

The editor of TV21, Mr. Besir Arifi, after welcoming the students, explained the work process of the news editors, clarifying how the usual daily TV program works.

The students enriched their horizons of knowledge through the Q&A they did with the managers of the editorial offices. The employees of Alsat-M and TV21 showed full readiness to cooperate with Mother Teresa University students, offering them the opportunity there to carry out the necessary professional practice during the summer vacation period.