Tetovo, May 4, 2023 – Lecturers of Mother Teresa University in Skopje, Assoc. Prof. Drenusha Kamberi, Ph.D. and Assoc. Prof. Zana Beqiri Luma, Ph.D. introduced the high school graduates of Kiril Pejčinovikj and 8. Septemvri to the academic offer of MTU.

The graduates of Tetovo were informed about the study conditions in the new premises of MTU, as well as with the 39 study programs of the 8 faculties, 5 of which operating today: the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, the Faculty of Technical Sciences, the Faculty of Technological Sciences, the Faculty of Informatics, and the Faculty of Social Sciences, and the new Faculty of Economy, Faculty of Law, and Faculty of Humanities.

As the high school graduates in Tetovo were informed, MTU is the only public university in the capital teaching in the Albanian language and offers the most variety of programs.

During the presentation, the graduates were given information brochures and a Q&A session followed.