Skopje, May 2023 – On the occasion of International Day of Families, the Department for Work and Social Policy at the Faculty of Social Sciences at MTU organized a panel discussion led by the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Asst.Prof. Kaltrina Zekolli Shaqiri and Asst.Prof. Elizabeta Ollogu lecturer at the FSS. The guest of honor in the panel discussion was Mrs. Shermin Mamut, director of the nursing home “Milica”.

The topic of discussion this year was ‘Care for the elderly, social policies and the market of private social services in the Republic of North Macedonia’.

Asst.Prof. Elizabeta Ollogu in her introductory speech said that the International Day of Families this year is dedicated to the care of the most fragile category of society, the elderly, who need the help of social workers.

Asst.Prof. Kaltrina Zekolli Shaqiri said that the family is protected by the highest state acts, while the European Union also supports state and private organizations that have social care activities.

The director of the nursing home “Milica”, Shermin Mamut, told the students that the nursing homes are social institutions that provide housing, health protection, and social work protection for elderly people over 65 years old, adding that the institution she runs started with work in 2010 and has a capacity for 39 people, among whom it has housekeepers, medical nurses, cooks, cleaners and social workers. Shermin Mamut said to the students. ‘You, as social workers, can change the world for a person’.

The UN General Assembly, on May 15, marked the International Day of Families, in order to raise awareness of family problems and issues and to help them gain an important role in the policies of member states. The purpose of marking the International Day of Families is to promote the family and family values, promote equality between women and men in the family, protect the family as the basic unit of society and help families to fulfill their responsibility to the community.