Rijeka, Croatia, May 2023 – Members of MTU administrative staff, Donka Kaziovska and Brikena Kica, successfully completed their professional training and study visit at the University of Rijeka in Croatia, with which MTU has a cooperation agreement.

They were welcomed by the head of the Office for Student Affairs at the Faculty of Philosophy, Mrs. Nara Jurčić, who presented the teaching spaces, the department of foreign languages, the way the teaching process takes place and how they manage the administrative work at the University.

They also met Mrs. Jelena Lanc, who is the librarian of the Faculty of Philosophy and she showed them the library spaces and the reading rooms where students’ scientific research is carried out.

Every academic year “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje offers administrative staff training in one of the universities it has signed cooperation agreement as part of the ERASMUS + program.