Skopje, 19.05.2023 – “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje held the 7th edition of the International Conference on Migration entitled “Migration trends, challenges, priorities and new policy paths”, in partnership with MTU partner universities in the region and Europe, such as: University of Sassari, University of Pristina, University of Elbasan, University “Aleksandar Moisiu” Durrës, International Burch University and Legis. The keynote speaker of the conference was Mr. Jasmin Rexhep, secretary general from Legis, who shared with the attendees important data and information related to the role of the civil sector and the management of the refugee crisis in the Republic of North Macedonia.

In the Conference participated the Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Mr. Agim Nuhiu; Mr. Dejan Ivkovski from the Department of Migration and Humanitarian Assistance at the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy; Mr. Goran Pavllovski from the Department of Border Affairs and Migration at the Ministry of Internal Affairs; lecturer Rizvan Sulejmani Ph.D. Pro-Rector for International Cooperation; the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Diturije Ismaili Ph.D.; moderator Asst.Prof. Elisabeta Ollogu, as well as 60 scientific researchers from the country, the region and Europe, through physical and online presence.

Deputy Minister Agim Nuhiu Ph.D., on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Science, congratulated the “Mother Teresa” University for organizing the Conference, and emphasized the fact that our country faces a large migration flow including the young generations.

Migration flows in recent years have included millions of citizens in EU countries. EU member states, within one year, granted citizenship to about 1 million migrant citizens. We assume that those who migrate also aim for economic success, and this success is to a large extent determined by educational training and the skills to find themselves in the labor market’, said Deputy Minister Nuhiu.

The conference was held in two sessions where the candidates from the country, region and Europe presented their scientific research to the participant.