Skopje, November 6, 2023 – The 7. Congress took place at Mother Teresa University in Skopje, and within its framework TSD 2023 International Conference on Sustainable Development.

The conference was opened by MTU Vice-Chancellor for science and research, Full Prof. Bekim Fetaji, Ph.D., who elaborated on the development of the Congress. Keynote speakers were MTU rector, Full Prof. Izet Zeqiri, Ph.D., accompanied by the head of the higher education sector, Mr. Ahmed Qazimi, the representative of the Ministry of Education and Science of RNM, the director of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, Mr. Festim Halili, the director of the IEEE section of North Macedonia, Full Prof. Anastas Mishev, CEO of Laigo GmbH from Germany, Mr. Michael Bauner, thre adviser to the Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Mr. Johannes Heidecker, Mr. Fabian Ewald, mayor of the middle class industry in Bavaria, as well as the coordinator of the alumni program at the American Embassy in Skopje, Mr. Gazmend Ilazi.

The Rector discussed the challenges of achieving the goals for sustainable development in RNM, thus emphasizing that our goals for sustainable development are similar to the goals of all countries. He analyzed some very important goals that are on our country’s 2030 agenda. The importance of these goals must be fully compatible with the EU integration process. He emphasized that by 2030, according to the agenda, extreme poverty is to be eradicated for all people all over the world, which currently includes all those living on less than $1.25 a day. The Rector also emphasized that in North Macedonia 21.8% of the population or 451,900 citizens live in poverty, and measures should be taken to reduce this percentage.

Furthermore, the Rector discussed the country’s efforts to ensure healthy living and to promote well-being for all ages; how to ensure inclusive, equitable and quality education, as well as how to promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

The director of the Innovation and Technological Development Fund, Mr. Festim Halili, in his presentation speech, among other things, emphasized that “as a state institution that aims to support innovation and entrepreneurship in the country, it has a clear vision of creating a sustainable future and transforming the eco system. Through the available financial instruments, we encourage creation of new businesses, encourage innovation and scientific research, create new jobs, and improve the country’s economy”.

MTU Vice-Chancellor for science and research and the organizer of 7. International Conference, Full Prof. Bekim Fetaji, Ph.D., emphasized the need for the cooperation of several segments in society, mentioning the alliance of the “triangle”: the Academy, the industry, and the state institutions. “The point of this conference is the unification of the academy with the government institutions which have resources and can help in this process, such as the Ministry of Education, and with the industry. There are many speakers, this time, three from Germany, who work in European institutions, and some are owners of various companies, as well”.

Gazmend Ilazi, coordinator for educational programs and the alumni at the American Embassy in Skopje, greeted the International Conference on Sustainable Development. His approach was to strengthen the quality of education at all levels, as one of the key pillars for sustainable development. He introduced the various scholarships offered by the American Embassy in Skopje for all age groups from 16 to 55, and for all study profiles, as well, from secondary education to postdoctoral studies.

The topics discussed at this year’s TSD 2023 International Conference on Sustainable Development were: the challenges of achieving the goals of sustainable development in RNM, technical and economic aspects of sustainability, new horizons in construction and architecture, the ICT challenges, mathematics, cyber security and artificial intelligence, technological sciences, natural sciences, art in the new millennium and education, technical and economic aspects of sustainability, and many other hot topics elaborated by 60+ speakers. At the conference, a total of 87 scientific papers were published and there were 200 participants.

The papers presented by the participants at TSD 2023 International Conference on Sustainable Development are to be published in the Journal of Sustainable Development of Southeast Europe (0SEEJSD), published by MTU. The conference was organized and moderated for the seventh time in a row by MTU Vice-Chancellor for Science and Research, Prof. Dr. Bekim Fetaji.

Mother Teresa University in Skopje, as the newest state university in North Macedonia, attaches great importance to the Congress and wants to actively contribute to the improvement of the current situation in various areas.