Skopje, November 2023 – In the framework of the study visits carried out by the students of the “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje in cooperation with their lecturers, this time the students of the Faculty of Law under the leadership of their lecturer Asst. Prof. Kaltrina Zekolli Shaqiri visited the Ministry of Justice where they were welcomed by the Minister, Mr. Krenar Lloga.

Asst. Prof. Kaltrina Zekolli Shaqiri, lecturer at the Faculty of Law thanked the Minister Mr. Krenar Lloga for the warm welcome and informed him about the progress of studies in the study programs of Law and Criminalistics, also claimed that students show enthusiasm towards these study programs and that such visits the students will turn into study practices each year.

The students had the opportunity to elaborate different topics and ask questions related to their study program to the Minister of Justice Mr. Krenar Lloga.