Skopje, 13.12.2023 – Today in a friendly meeting, the rector of the “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje, Lecturer Izet Zeqiri Ph.D., met the member of parliament and coordinator of the Youth Club of MPs, Ms. Monika Zajkova, and her colleagues, in which case they discussed the need for cooperation and joint funding of the National Integrated Information System at the level of all higher education in the country.

In the meeting, they agreed that together with the university assemblies, we should work towards accelerating the digitalization process in higher education, because digitalization in all spheres is necessary, to facilitate, simplify and modernize the processes. 

Based on MTU cooperation with the Youth Club of MPs, student representatives from “Mother Teresa” University will participate in the two-day Hackathon where together with the members of parliament and the Institute for Good Governance and Euro-Atlantic Perspectives, will talk about the necessary legal solutions that must be adopted to transform universities in the country.

Rector Zeqiri gave full support to this initiative and announced his involvement and active contribution in the public debate on this topic organized by the Youth Club of MPs in the Assembly that will take place on 20.12.2023.