Skopje, February 20, 2024 – The President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Talat Xhaferi, accompanied by the Minister of Education and Science, Jeton Shaqiri, today, paid a working visit to the campus of Mother Teresa University in Skopje, where he met with the management of the University, the lecturers and the students.

At the meeting with the Rector, Lecturer Izet Zeqiri, Ph.D., the President of the Senate, Lecturer Susana Jordanovska, Ph.D., the Vice-Chancellors Rizvan Sulejmani, Fati Iseni, Bekim Fetaji, and Bujamin Bela, Mr. Xhaferi was informed about the consolidation of MTU from an infrastructural and academic aspect.

The PM Xhaferi stated that last year, by a government decision, Mother Teresa University in Skopje was granted a plot of 50,000 m2 on the premises of the former Ilinden barracks for the University’s main building, with an area of 3,300 m2, as well as 95 million denars for the renovation of the rooms of the main building, and 5 million denars for additional needs.

“Mother Teresa University in Skopje, although one of the newest universities in the country, records success, especially in terms of the number of students eager to study at the faculties that are part of the University”, stated MP Xhaferi, adding that, every year, the number of students increases which speaks volumes for the quality of teaching and the quality of the scientific and teaching staff.

The Minister of Education and Science, Jeton Shaqiri, expressed his appreciation of the investments the Ministry of Education and Science has put in MTU, as well as the plans to support long-term capital investments in the future.

“MTU students and students of other universities as well appreciate the commitment of the government for the future of the country by supporting the students who represent the future of the society and those who are to move the processes forward,” stated Shaqiri.

MTU Rector, Lecturer Izet Zeqiri, Ph.D., stated that the University has made comprehensive progress; however, this progress is to be only fully completed when the University’s modern campus is built.

As part of the visit, PM Xhaferi also visited the premises of the University, as well as its laboratories, which, for 9 years after its establishment, had been without spatial conditions for work, for all the 8 faculties at which teaching takes place in 3 different languages.