Veles, April 2024 – Kocho Racin High School in Veles graduates welcomed MTU 2024/2025 study programs. About the conditions and numerous study programs, Lecturer Mustafa Ibrahimi, Ph.D., and Suat Usejni from Jabolchishta, an external teacher at the Veles High School and an MTU Teacher’s Aid. In the informal part of the presentation, Suat Usejni informed us that the history of secondary education in the Albanian language in Veles began with the opening of the first Albanian class in Kocho Racin High School in the 2008/2009 school year when 36 Albanian students were enrolled. From this gymnasium until today, about 40 students have enrolled at MTU, 10 of which have already graduated, and one is enrolled in MTU’s master’s degree program. This year, 22 Albanian high school graduates, mainly from the villages of Jabolchishta, Buzaljakova, Slivnik, and some other villages, are studying at Kocho Racin High School in Veles.

In the hall of the school’s library, the graduates gathered eagerly waiting for the meeting. Thanks to the organization and motivation of Professor Suat Usejni, the hall was packed. As the coordinator, the meeting with the graduates was opened by Lecturer Mustafa Ibrahimi, Ph.D., who emphasized that the meeting was on the eve of the previous two meetings, one in the vicinity of Prilep and Krushevo, and the other in Bitola. Among other things, Lecturer Mustafa Ibrahimi, Ph.D. emphasized that: “We gathered here to promote MTU’s academic offer for 2024/2025 academic year with about 40 study programs in the eight faculties of MTU”, additionally explaining the application process, the conditions for studying on the campus, the student benefits, and many other issues of interest to the graduates and their parents.

“Undoubtedly, this number guarantees a bright future for the Albanians of Veles and beyond”, stated Professor Suat Usejni, who is currently following one of MTU’s master’s degree programs. Among other things, he emphasized that MTU not only offers conditions according to the highest standards yet also represents an institution that helps and influences the emancipation, well-being, and intellectual development of the Albanians from Veles. As motivation, he highlighted that all students from Veles who have already graduated are employed.

At the end, the graduates asked questions from various areas of interest, receiving answers from the professors.