SKOPJE, May 25, 2024 – With 18 scientific papers by authors from North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Albania, today, Mother Teresa University in Skopje promoted its Interkultura research journal for the fourth time.

At the very opening, in front of the many researchers and Albanologists, partithe editor-in-chief, the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Lecturer Mustafa Ibrahimi, Ph.D., expressed his satisfaction that MTU promoted Interkultura research journal for the fourth time, adding that, in it, scientific papers of the participants of the 4. International Scientific Conference on Interculture, on the topic of “Language, Literature, and Intercultural Communication”, is included.

“The four issues so far include 48 scientific papers, 31 expert authors; 4 from Kosovo, 1 from Albania, and 26 from North Macedonia, out of which 9 authors from Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, 7 from Mother Teresa University in Skopje, 4 from the State University of Tetova, 2 from the University of Pristina, 2 from IAP, 1 from Marko Cepenkov Institute of Folklore, 1 from the Institute of Spiritual and Cultural Heritage of the Albanians – Skopje, 1 from the South East European University, as well as some other authors from other universities”, stated Lecturer Ibrahimi.

In this fourth issue, the following papers by the following authors were published: “The Fate Of The Speech Of The Arbëreshë People from the Zara Area” by Lecturer Zeqirja Neziri, Ph.D.; “Ecolinguistics Vs Interculturality In A Multilingual Society” by Lecturer Mustafa Ibrahimi, Ph.D.; “A Land Tasting Like Olives, Bit Bitter, Bit Sweet” by Lecturer Vebi Bexheti, Ph.D.; “Interculturalism: A New Paradigm of Multi-Ethnic Societies” by Lecturer Azis Pollozhani, Ph.D.; “The Linguistic Views Of Professor Shefki Sejdiu” by Lecturer Begzad Baliu, Ph.D.; “Translation As An Intercultural Act” by Assoc. Prof. Ismet Osmani, Ph.D.; “Imagological Teaching And Discursive Construct Of The Other” by Lecturer Izaim Murtezani, Ph.D.; “Interculture, A Progressive Concept Of The Albanian National Renaissance” by Lecturer Teuta Arifi, Ph.D.; “Interculturalism Without Culture And Contacts In The Western Balkans” by Lecturer Rubin Zemon, Ph.D.; “English As A Lingua Franca (ELF) And Its Application In The Process Of Teaching” by High Lector Qatip Arifi, Ph.D.; “Intercultural And Interlinguistic Lexicon In The Urban Speech Of Struga” by Professor Ajten Hajdari-Qamili; “The Role Of The Media In (Not) Raising The Prestige Of The Albanian Language” by Lecturer Sejdi M. Gashi, Ph.D.; “Critical Discourse Analysis: The Language Of Albin Kurti In His CNN Interview” by Prof. Agron Vrangalla; “Imagology And Translation” by Prof. Kosovare Krasniqi; “Choosing The Correct N- Word Or Npi – A Case Study With Albanian Students” by Ass. Prof. Arta Tika Bekteshi, Ph.D.; “Processes Towards Learning And Teaching A Foreign Language” by Lector Victorija Elenova, M.A.; “Translation Of Bilingual And Dualnatinal Cultural Elements In Examples Of Chicana Poetry” by Jordana Shemko-Georgievska, M.A. and High Lector Elena Prendjova, M.A.; and “Interculture Of Names And Relative Terms In The Albanian Dialect And Language” by Jetlira Beqiri, M.A.