Skopje, 28.04.2022 – At “Mother Teresa’’ University in Skopje, on Thursday (April 28, 2022), a commemorative meeting was organized in the honor of late painter Omer Kaleshi and his great artistic activity. In this commemorative meeting participated his family members, friends and artist colleagues.

The Rector of MTU, Izet Zeqiri Ph.D., in his welcome speech said that our world-famous painter, has left a great artistic treasure, and a gallery at MTU of 24 invaluable works that will be a legacy for the new generations.

Moreover, in this commemorative meeting participated the world leader of the Bektashi Muslims, Haxhi Dede Edmond Brahimaj, who appreciated the contribution of Omer Kaleshi to the visual arts, and he was lucky to have Omer Kaleshi among them in Tirana three years ago when he gave them a very valuable gift by donating a sequential series of his paintings. He also added that the Gallery “Omer Kaleshi” in the premises of Odeon has hundreds of visitors per day, which completes the mosaic of our cultural tradition and the identity of Bektashi order.

His granddaughter Suzana Memedi gave an emotional speech and shared with the audience some interesting stories from the family life of Omer Kaleshi, and his constant concern about where to donate his paintings, to maintain them and to be in the service of the new generations.

The Albanian Ambassador in Paris Luan Rama, a follower of his activity for 30 years and a friend of the painter Kaleshi, said that Albanians and the world has lost a great and talented painter.

The painter and university professor Reshat Ameti presented the artistic creativity of Omer Kaleshi. According to him Klaeshi was part of the world’s elite artists and compared him to Leonardo Da Vinci and other artists who are icons of world art.

The painter Omer Kaleshi was born in the village Serbica in Kichevo in 1932, and died on April 17, 2022. He was buried in Istanbul near his father’s grave. Part of his cultural heritage are the galleries “Omer Klaeshi” in: MTU, Iliria University in Prishtina, the National Gallery of Macedonia, the Galleries in Bursa – Turkey, and in Tirana.