On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Mother Teresa’s death and on the first anniversary of her sanctification, Mother Theresa University organized a Commemoration Ceremony. The Ceremony was opened by the Rector of MTU, Prof. Dr. Aziz Pollozhani, who welcomed the participants. He emphasized the importance of establishing Mother Teresa University in the capital and the opportunities and perspectives that this institution offers to future generations. Among other things, he congratulated the students and teachers on the beginning of the school year.

The Director of the Institute for Cultural and Spiritual Heritage of Albanians, Prof. Dr. Skender Asani addressed the audience with a speech on the life and work of Mother Teresa, titled “Our Gonxhe – Our Honor”. “The respect is greater when I address you in the framework of this genuine organization, bearing the seal of the first Albanian university in Skopje, which carries the name of Mother Teresa, the sanctified Albanian from Skopje, with a worldwide name” – he claimed among other things.

In the end, the participants also enjoyed an orchestral concert with classical music conducted Agona Çupi.

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