Today, in the premises of the rectorate of “Mother Theresa” University in Skopje was held the ceremony of the beginning of the new academic year 2017/18. At this ceremony, the Rector, Prof. Dr.DSC_0881-1024x683 Pollozhani addressed the students and academic staff. Wishing the students a good start he also emphasized: “As any beginning that defies the established status quos, and becomes the reason of various debates, we, together with our students, with you, benevolent and bearers of the real feeling of pain and pride through which our education went for decades, we managed to make the next step. We are here today to welcome the second generation of MTU”. He also praised the government’s support for the consolidation of the university and for providing the necessary spaces for the development of the teaching process.

DSC_0904-1024x683Deputy Prime Minister Osmani confirmed the government’s support for the construction of the university campus.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Bujar Osmani, who attended the ceremony, addressed the students with a speech. During his speech, Osmani, confirmed the government’s decision to secure over seven million euros in the budget of 2018 for the construction of the university campus “Mother Teresa”. An equal amount of the budget will continue for the two forthcoming years, 2019 and 2020 respectively. He also said that the government will provide special attention to MTU, as a newly established institution of higher education. In the end, he welcomed the students and encouraged them to achieve the highest degree of success in their studies.

At the same time, two new lecture halls and five classrooms were inaugurated in front of the freshmen, providing modern facilities for teaching.

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