Further to the implementation of the project ERASMUS+ IDADOHS Digitalization of Education, Kick-off meeting was organized and took place on 30 March 2022 (Wednesday) at Mother Teresa University – Skopje, North Macedonia.

During the Kick-Off meeting the coordinator Prof.Dr. Bekim Fetaji, vice-rector for Science from University Mother Teresa initially invited all the partners to present them self’s and their institutions and what digitalization aspects they have implemented. After the presentation and getting to know each other and their institutions specifics and the work in regards of digitalization process, the coordinator Prof.Dr. Bekim Fetaji have has explained and gone through all the activities and details from the project application. Integrating Digital Content and Digitalization of High Schools, IDADOHS is the project were Universities in collaboration with high schools will help in digitalization of education open educational resources to be used in teaching and learning process. Also discussed where the shortcomings and the shortening of the budget and shortening of the time to finish the project and explained what are the next steps

Enclosed to the meeting was а detailed agenda and other materials provided to participants.

Also different LOGOs for the Project have been presented and previously sent by email and during the Kick of Meeting have been voted from all participants and after the counting the votes decided about the project official LOGO.