Skopje, 27.04.2022 – The day after becoming the Rector of MTU, Rector Izet Zeqiri during today’s meeting with the Minister of Education and Science, Mr. Jeton Shaqiri, the Minister has officially given the permission to MTU to use the location near military quarters “Ilinden’’ in Skopje in order to start building its campus.

Based on the decision of the Government approved days ago, the existing buildings at military quarters ‘Ilinden’ are assigned to MTU and will be adapted to the needs of the teaching staff and students, while the investment will be realized by the Ministry of Education and Science and the “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje. This decision is made six years after the establishment of the only public university in Albanian language in the capital city.

The new Rector of the University “Mother Teresa” in Skopje, Academician Izet Zeqiri Ph.D. thanked the Ministry of Education and Science and the Government for the location issued and for the support given to the university, also he appreciated the contribution of the university leadership so far.

In the meeting was discussed about the activities and the dynamics with which they will be implemented. Moreover, Minister Shaqiri hopes that investment activities will begin and end as soon as possible in order to inspire motivation in the workplace among professors and students too.

“Today we are completing the administrative procedures to start the construction of the university campus and this is a big step forward in the efforts to build a quality institution of higher education, because the quality depends largely on the infrastructural conditions”, said Minister Shaqiri during the meeting.

Based on the decision from the 40th meeting of the Government, the 37th point, the Ministry of Education is obliged to hand over the facilities to the University ‘Mother Teresa’ in Skopje, within 30 days from the approval of this decision. In addition to that, construction activities are expected to start this year and from next academic year the entire teaching-scientific process will be transferred to new facilities